Weddings are a beautiful and harmonious event, where both families come together to commemorate the union of two people. Everyone tries to be at their best and is in the mood for some massive celebration, so why pass up the chance showcase the family’s talent and deliver a stunning performance at the Sangeet? Come for wedding dance lessons from Nachanshah in Chandigarh and Delhi.

It is the dance form largely representative of the style practiced in the Bollywood film industry, visible in hit numbers throughout its history.
It consists of an amalgamation of varieties of dance from various cultures and traditions across India, such as Indian folk dance, jazz, kathak and even Western pop!
This ethnic and cultural mix lends a unique quality to it, appeasing to one and all.
You can have a taste too, as Nachanshah brings our Bollywood dance classes to Chandigarh and Delhi.

Bhangra finds its roots in the Majha region of Punjab, where traditionally, men and women alike would gather in circles and dance to the beat of the dhol, in the months leading up to Vaisakhi.
Nachanshah proudly brings to you its Bhangra Workout comprising a variety of exhilarating dance steps, in which our instructors show you how to add some spice to your workout by putting Bhangra in the mix, so don’t miss the chance to learn Bhangra in Chandigarh and Delhi.

Originating in the temples of South India, it will not be incorrect to say that Bharatnatyam is one of the many faces of the devotional movements of the south, and it acquired a huge following, particularly amongst the Hindu sects.
Presently, it is practised world over, and our very own Asees Chadha has 15 years of training in this exquisite dance form.